Dear Readers,

When publishing a weblog with comments disabled there are a handful unique scenarios which can arise amongst the readership. Primarily that you, the reader, has to go to a little bit more effort to give your feedback.

Albeit, only a small amount of extra effort is needed because you have to write an email instead of just post to a contact form, but still. The slightly extra effort means quite a few of you will read a sans-comments-weblog without ever giving feedback; even if that feedback would only ever be, “Nice article. I enjoyed reading it.”

Or you may assume the author (in this case: me) has comments disabled because he doesn’t want feedback. And when you, the reader, don’t give feedback it becomes slightly more difficult to connect with the author.

I have personally found that the websites I look forward to reading the most are not only those with interesting content but are also published by folks whom I feel connected to in some way.

Since there has been quite a bit of readership growth over the past month – with RSS subscribers more than doubling in the past 5 weeks – I not only wanted to take an opportunity to say hi to those of you who are new, but to give you all an open invitation to say hi back.

If you are new here, welcome.

And please, feel free to take this opportunity to say hi back, and introduce yourself, (even if you’re not new).

May I also recommend you follow me on Twitter. When I’m not publishing here I am tweeting there.

— Shawn

Dear Readers,