Why We Began Blogging

Everyone should blog.

Forget that one guy, whom you don’t even know, and what he said about how the world has too many blogs. That’s junk. What the world has is too many bloggers that are sissies. Everyone should blog and everyone that blogs should be honest, sincere, and passionate.

We have to remember not to confuse topic with content. What you write about is much more important than how you write about it. You may not be witty or savvy or funny or cute. You are you. And you have something to give. Somewhere there is something that you find interesting, wonderful and beautiful. So please please tell us why so we can discover it too.

Tell us about the things that are beautiful, wonderful and make you love life. If more people would do that then there certainly wouldn’t be people complaining about the amount of blogs in the world.

Those of us that do blog started our sites because we had a hint of creativity or passion or hope that simmered up inside us. There was that moment when the spark of inspiration hit us and we realized that we would love an outlet to share our passions: graphic design, language arts, technology and gadgets, or even sewing. A weblog is a perfect outlet for anyone to cultivate their passions and share them with the world.

Since you started your blog, your passions have either been suppressed or cultivated by your own choosing.

Why We Began Blogging