Tours in Repose

Rands’ article, “The Nerd Handbook”, was the talk of the web over the weekend. And rightly so. Thousands of nerds were completely wierded out at how well they were pegged by Rands while laughed their heads off at how well they were pegged by Rands.

No doubt many of you are new to Rands in Repose, and you may not realize that he’s been writing fantastic articles for years. Well, here are a few suggested readings by Rands from me for you to enjoy before Monday starts:

  1. Why You Should Weblog

I weblog all the time. When I’m not at the keyboard, I’m sitting in the car bouncing ideas around. When I’m stuck in a meeting, I’m taking the primal commute ideas and crafting them into outlines of articles. I weblog all day. You should to.

  1. Interview: Brent Simmon

In Mac OS X, you vote with your Dock. Currently, other than internal applications necessary to get my job done, the only application in my Dock that I’ve chosen to put there is NetNewsWire.

  1. A Nerd in a Cave

My Cave is my intellectual home. My kitchen is where I eat, my bed is where I sleep, and my Cave is where I think. Everyone has some sort of Cave; just follow them around their house. It might be a garage full of tools or a kitchen full of cookware, but there is a Cave stashed somewhere in the house.

Tours in Repose