Why Apple Will Never Make a 12-inch MacBook Pro

At WWDC last month many fans of the 12-inch PowerBook G4 were hoping to see an announcement of it’s counterpart within the MacBook Pro lineup. Despite rumors going back and forth over the past 18 months nobody was certain. But sadly, no mention was made.

Since WWDC there have been the updates on the 15- and 17-inch MBP screens and the rumors of the new iMac line and the death of the 17″ iMac. But still no rumors of an ultra-powerful ultra-portable.

Apple’s product line

After reading John’s article on OS X-Based iPods, it became apparent as to why we will not see a 12-inch MacBook Pro. John says, “Apple treats its product line-up like a product itself — it is designed to be obvious and easy to understand.”

Look at the computer lineup. It’s incredibly easy to pick just the right computer.

  • Do you work from home and need something with 20,000,000 horsepower? Get a MacPro.
  • Do you only check your email and want a little remote control to pump the jams? Get an iMac.
  • Do you work hard whenever and wherever you want? Get a MacBook Pro.
  • Do you check your email from the local coffee shop, and still want a little remote control to pump the jams? Get a MacBook.

No Room

Take a look at their MacBook page. Apple hasn’t left any place for a 12-inch MBP.

The plastic MacBooks are marketed towards iLife and Front Row users – something you don’t need the power of a MacBook Pro to do; while the pro lineup is marketed towards video and image editing – something you need more screen real estate for.


Apple has told us that a person needing more punch from their laptop also needs more pixels. Although many of us would love to see an ultra portable powerhouse it’s obvious that the 12-inch PowerBook has been buried in order to leave less clutter in the Macintosh product line.

Why Apple Will Never Make a 12-inch MacBook Pro