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How to Tell You’ve Created Something Worthwhile

The Creative Focus Online Summit

What’s Next?

Little Things Add Up: The Effect of Details in Aggregate

Blanc Media Core Values

Your Content Strategy and Your Business Goals (Part 3)

The Welcome Email (Part 2)

Thoughts on the iPhone 7

Thoughts on Content Strategy (Part 1)


Special B&B Throwback Episode: The iPhone 7 Event

Learning Not to Think About It

I Buy More Books Than I Read

How to Get Time For Your Projects

Taking Your Personal Project Full-Time

Why I Announced My Next Course Way Ahead of Time

How to Regain Lost Momentum

Ah ha!

Your Single Greatest Asset

Cash is King

Books On My Shelf

Creativity, Confusion, and Community

Take it Apart, and Put it Back Together Again

The Challenge of Showing Your Work

Unordered Thoughts on Life at 35

On Community

What Do You Want to Know About The Focus Course Launch?

Defining Work / Life Balance

Notebooks, Business Models, and Solutions

Four Lifestyle Practices

A Confession

Hustle Friday

Why You Should Show Up Every Day

Quality is a Probabilistic Function of Quantity (Part 7)

Fantastic Friday: Books and music and podcasts

Creative Goals (Part 6)

Thoughts on Risk (Part 5)

Fantastic Friday: Gadgets

Family Balance (Part 4)

We Moved

Consistency and Honesty (Part 3)

Creativity and Entrepreneurship (Part 2)

Five (Part 1)

Fantastic Friday: Read This

Just a Question

Fantastic Friday: Coffee Paraphernalia

An Index of Ideas

Fantastic Friday: Newsletter Edition

Q&A: My Writing Workflow

The Five-Minute Rule

Fantastic Friday: Reading Edition

My Grandmother’s Inspirational Quotes

You Can’t Manage Time

A Focus on Time: Available Tomorrow (Here Are All the Details)

A System That Works (for You)

The Key to Success? Diligence.

Dodging Meetings Like It’s My Job


Solve Those Distractions

Fantastic Friday: Podcast Edition

Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

A Focus on Time

Work Focus; Rest Focus

Fantastic Friday: Instapaper’d

Apps and Workflows: iPhone (6s Plus) Edition

Fantastic Friday: Writing Edition

How to Audit Your Workflow

Fantastic Friday: 4DX and The Long Game

Permission to be Creative — With Special Guest, Havilah Cunnington

Deep Work and Focus — With Special Guest, Cal Newport

Fantastic Friday

Why Margin is Critical for Doing Your Best Creative Work

Less Thinking, More Doing

Fantastic Friday: AMA, Card Games, and More

Margin for Creativity

Give Your Day Some Breathing Room

Fantastic Friday

Margin Enables Intentional Living

Margin Month

Fantastic Friday

Five Reasons to Join The Focus Course

The Focus Course: Updated for 2016

Money Back Guarantees

Introduction to Margin (Part 2)

Introduction to Margin (Part 1)

Thoughts on Meaningful Productivity

How to Have an Awesome Holiday

Announcing The Elements of Focus (A Free Video Class)

“The Fight To Stay Creative” (Video of My Talk from Circles Conference)

On Dialing Down, Saying “No”, and Making Time

How I Stay Sane When Life Feels Extra Busy

Relevancy vs. Recency

Survey Says…

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

The Awareness Building Class

Coming Soon: The Awareness Building Class

The Apple Watch Apps I Use

Thirteen Days With an iPhone 6s Plus

What’s Your Minimum Effective Dose?

Who, What, Why, How, and How Much

What Would Your Ideal Workspace Look Like?

Thoughts on Annual iPhone Upgrades

What Does Opportunity Look Like?

Books for September

Whole Brain Creativity

Building Better Defaults

Concerning the Ebb and Flow of “Work”

Creativity is a Gift

Don’t Let Success Breed Failure

Behind The Scenes of The Focus Course: Outlining, Architecting, and Writing

Remembering to Take My Own Advice

The Art of Price and Value

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Focus Course is Now Available

Tomorrow: The Focus Course


Interview with Joanna Eitel

An Interview With Tyler Soenen


The Jolt

You Have Ideas

Living Without Regret in the Age of Distraction

Countdown to The Focus Course


The Note

There Is No “Finally”

Apple Watch Tips, Tricks, and Other Miscellany

Fear, Not Money

Just Smart Enough

Your Best Creative Work

What it Takes to Do Work That Matters

Avoiding Burnout

The Creative’s Workspace

Coming Soon: The Focus Course

How to Show Up Every Day

No. Times a Thousand

Four Years

How to Get it All Done

Rescue Time Review

Step Out of the Echo Chamber

Meaningful Productivity

The Foolish Crowd

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Progress

Living proof that focus and diligence are moving targets

Honesty, Clarity, and Action


Celebrate Progress

Write for Yourself, Edit for Your Reader

The Core Curriculum

“How does this setup help you do your best creative work?”

Perpetual Neglect

What’s So Special About the AeroPress

Threes is the Name of the Game of the Year

If Diligence is a Skill

My First Baron Fig

Using VSCO Cam for iPad

Dueing it Wrong

Alternatives to the Just Checks

A Week With the Retina iMac

Last Year’s New Tech

Some Awesome Print Magazines

Little Things That Improve the Way I Work on a Mac

A Few Thoughts on (the New) Kindles

On Apple’s New iPhone and Watch

A Few Thoughts on the New Olympus E-PL7 Camera and the Olympus Micro Four Thirds Landscape in General

Last Year in Football (Part III): This Summer’s World Cup

Last Year in Football (Part I)

Good Taste


Finding Your Fanatics

Update Coming to ‘Delight is in the Details’

A Brief Review of the Synology DS213j

On Working From Home and Running a Business


Command Space: A Review of LaunchBar and a History of Application Launchers

Longstanding Mac Apps


A Review of OmniFocus 2 for Mac

Recipe for Grilled Artichoke

Fighting to Stay Creative

Flickr 3.0

Screentime Art

A note about and the Heartbleed Bug

A Visual History of OmniFocus for Mac


Checkmark 2

Reporter, Day One, and Launch Center Pro

This Is a Review of Day One’s New Publish Feature

Talking About iPads and Real Work

Regarding the Olympus 25/1.8 Lens and the Panasonic Leica 25/1.4

The 2014 Membership Drive and Giveaway

Reader Supported for Three Years (And Counting…)

iPad: Air or mini?

Unread for iPhone: A New Breed of RSS Reader

Great Typefaces of 2013

Grandpa’s iPad

Introducing The Weekly Briefly Podcast

Remarkable Things

The CODE Keyboard with Clear Switches

My URL Schemes for Posting Links From My iPhone and iPad Using Poster

Pebble Steel, Et Al.

A Brief, Unordered Miscellany Regarding the Olympus E-PL5, E-P5, and E-M5 Cameras

Unexpected Exceedings: Delightful Details in Film

All The Lists That Are Fit To List

Got What I Wanted

My iPad App Playlist: Constraint and Creativity

First Thoughts on Writer Pro for iOS

My iPhone App Playlist

Recently, on ‘Shawn Today’

Three Weeks With Two iPads

The Olympus E-PL5 Mirrorless Camera: My One-Year Review


Introducing The Sweet Setup

iPad Mini and iPad Air First Impressions: Both Favorites

The iPad Without Compromise


Fantastical 2 for iPhone: The Best Gets Better

1Password and iCloud Keychains: How They Work Together

The New Tweetbot for iPhone and iOS 7

Best in Class, Built to Last

The Rough Elements of a Successful Creative Business

Weather Line

Revisiting All My Past Product Reviews and Recommendations: What Stuck and What Didn’t?

Review: DSPTCH Sling and Wrist Straps

1Password 4 and Duplicate Passwords

iCloud and Its Storage Limits

A Beginner’s Guide to Pinboard

Home Screen Follow Up

The iOS 7 Home Screen Upgrade

A Personal Note of Thanks

iPhone 5s Initial Miscellany

The New Simplenote Apps

iOS 7: The Delightful Details

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone

The New Reeder for iOS

Regarding the Just-Announced New iPhones

How I Sell My Old iPhones

Feed Reading: Today and Tomorrow

Not Busy, Just Intentional

How I Self-Published My Book

August Books for Creative Folks

Gadgets and Moving Targets

Shawn Today, Episode 400

The Fourth Agenda

Here’s to the Future

Flickr and Instagram

Overcoming the Talent Ceiling

Facing the Talent Ceiling

This Weekend’s To-Do Item: Download Your Google Feeds List

Feed Wrangler’s Smart Streams

Contemplating the iOS 7 Adoption Rate

Rdio Radio

Your TextExpander Tip of the Day

iOS 7 and Apps With Personality

Sent From Byword 2

The Root of Non-Writing

Last Week’s News

Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past

Jeffrey Abbott’s Sweet Mac Setup

Those two movies that come out at the same time that are about the same stuff

Lionel Messi Never Dives


See You Next Week

The New Backblaze iPhone App

Review: Riposte 1.2

Review: The Origami Workstation for iPad

The Following Previews

The Goodness of Boston

Review: Writing Kit for iPad

Visceral Apps

Smarter Email Signatures With Keyboard Maestro

Camera Review: The Olympus E-PL5

Patrick Welker’s Sweet Mac Setup

The Kone Brewing System

David Friedman’s Sweet Mac Setup

Review: Rego, the New Place for All Your Places

2009: The Tipping Point for Google Reader’s Dominance

Goodbye Google Reader

The Royal Quiet De Luxe Typewriter

Last Call for the Membership Drive Giveaway

The Sweet Mac Setup of @AppleSpotlight

Snow Day

One Year Later

The iPad Can Be a True Mac Alternative

The Membership Giveaway

The 2013 Membership Drive

Professional Grade

iOS: Empowered by Apps

Concerning Inexpensive 27-inch IPS LCD Displays

Setting Up a Basic Mac Media Server

Whither Link Posts?


Quick-Capture Notes Apps

A Foray Into Simplenote Alternatives

Here, at the End of 2012, Let’s Look Back

Inbox Intentions

The New Flickr

iPhone 5 Christmas Wallpapers

Apple’s Photo Book

Twitterrific 5

Fantastical for iPhone

Rdio Killed iTunes


First Impressions of the Olympus E-PL5

That Bitter Pill

Hunting for the Best Mirrorless Camera

For Noah

Review: The Kindle Paperwhite (Compared to the Kindle Touch)

Gratitude and Excitement

Empty Buildings in New York

For the Sake of Creating


The iPhone is Here to Work

Progression of Sentiment Around Apple Product Announcements

Sweet App: Recall

The Hidden Radio

Dost thou love life?

Still Sweating the Details

The Paperless Puzzle

Circles Conference

iOS 6 and Every-Day Life

Review: Tenkeyless Clicky Keyboards

Function, Form, and Future

Thoughts and Observations From Today’s Apple Event

On Teachability

Yamaha and Amazon

Social Me-Me-Media

Most People

Some OmniFocus Linkage

The Slow Obviation of Yojimbo

Thoughts and Impressions of the iPhone 3GS From Three Years Ago

Twitter, Advertisers, Users, and Third-party Devs (in that order)

The Espro Press

Sweet App: Junecloud’s Delivery Status

Thanks to Technology…

Things and Cloud Sync


Review: Day One

The Urgent Versus the Essential

Mountain Lion Miscellany

Mountain Lion and the Simplification of OS X

The Official Mountain Lion Review, in Which I Aim to Concisely Answer the Question: Is Mountain Lion Apple’s Best Operating System to Date?

Thoughts and Impressions of the Nexus 7

Batman Miscellany

Exclusive, Hands-On Review of This Americano

50 Things I’ve Learned About Publishing a Weblog

Review: Checkmark for iPhone

Review: Tiny Tower

How Microsoft and Apple are Fighting the Prejudice that Tablets Are Not For Creating

Readability by the Numbers

Review: Reeder 3 for iPhone

Predictions: WWDC 2012

Brett Terpstra’s Sweet Mac Setup

Why LTE Won’t Dictate a Bigger iPhone Screen

The New Codas

In Praise of Pixels

Sweet App: Visual, an iOS Timer

Why the iPad Is My New Laptop

A Mighty Bloodless Substitute for Work

Clicky Keyboards

Fixing the AirPrint Conundrum

What Are You Working on Today?

Diary of an iPad (3) Owner

Using Dropbox, Email, and AppleScript to Get Files and Email Messages Into Yojimbo From the iPad or iPhone

Last Call for the 2012 Membership Drive Giveaway

Retina Web Clip Icons and Reeder for iPad


Update on the Membership Drive and Giveaway

Regarding Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

AT&T, 4G, and the New iPad

Sweet App: Favs

Thoughts and Observations Regarding Yesterday’s iPad Event

The iPad 3 Liveblogs

Membership Drive and Giveaway

Membership Drive 2012

The Newest Blanc

Why a New iOS Home Screen is a Big Deal

Dan Frommer’s Sweet Mac Setup

Apple in 2012

The Kindle Touch: 90 Days Later

A Clear Review

True Fans Instead

Sweet App: QuickShot

Tweetbot for iPad Review

Is It or Isn’t It?

Macworld 2012

The Value of a Handshake

An SDK for Writers

How I Test Ideas (Or: Discerning Good From Great)

It’s Just Stuff

Companies who Spam Their Best Customers

Baby Software

Brian Stucki and Macminicolo’s Sweet Mac Setups

Fun With Predictions

The Best ______ of 2011

A Long-Time Apple Nerd’s Review of the Galaxy Nexus and First Experience With Android

iPhone Coffee Apps

24 Hours with a Galaxy Nexus: First Impressions

Social Apps

A Few Thoughts on the New, New Twitter

A Review of the Doxie Go

Sweet App: DropVox

A Hack to Get Back “Save As”

Simple Social Networks

A Few Things I am Grateful For

The Kindle Touch

Jawbone UP Review

Scalability and Maintenance

Andrew Pepperrell’s Sweet Mac Setup

Thoughts on Apple’s Cards App and Service

Thoughts on Siri and Devices the Size of an iPod nano

Regarding the Condition of a 17-Month Old, Well-Used, iPhone 4

Duncan Davidson’s Sweet Mac Setup

Using Siri to Add Reminders to a Shared List

iPhone 4S Review

Exciting and Ambitious

Apple’s Fourth Interface


3rd-Party Family

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Geek Dad

Why There Are More Than Two Kindle Models

The Kindle Fire

Fantastic 4

Pat Dryburgh’s Sweet Mac Setup

A Quick Guide to Common Miscapitalizations of Tech Names

You Can’t Buy Word of Mouth

Federico Viticci’s Sweet Mac Setup

Sweet App: Goodfoot for iPhone

Regarding T-Shirt Shipments

Apple’s Four-Year Product Rollout

Sweet App: Airfoil for Mac


Garrett Murray’s Sweet Mac Setup

August Recap

The Future of Technology

Sweet App: Hues for Mac

Equal Parts Art and Logic

The Amazon Tablet

Daniel Bogan’s Sweet Mac Setup


“Consuming Content”

Thomas Brand’s Sweet Newton Setup

What to do With 245,000 TouchPads

The Morning of the Week

T-Shirts Now Available

Thoughts on the iPhone 5 Mockups

Big News

Rogie King’s Sweet Mac Setup

Guts and Glory: A Review of the MacBook Air

We Just Want to Read

Diary of a TouchPad Owner

The Difference Between the Dual-Core i5 and i7 MacBook Air

OS X Lion

Reading on the iPad

Everything Requires Maintenance

The HP TouchPad 1.0


OopsieFocus Script


Apple’s Mac App Store Lineup

A Tale of Two Inboxes: RSS and Twitter

The Right Price

Off-Site Backups

My Trip to WWDC 2011

The WWDC 2011 Keynote


Q&A with Chad Sellers, One of the Few Indie Mac Devs in the Amazon Mac Downloads Store

Answering Reader’s Questions About Writing Full Time

Balancing Think and Feel

Writing a Weblog Full-Time

An Average Day at HQ

An Ode to Software

A Week-Long, In-Depth Look at How Writing This Site Full-Time is Going

Cloudy With a Chance of Music

My Next Mac Will Be…

Standing at My Desk

The Three Reasons I Use OmniFocus

Previous Entries


Fantastical Preview

iCloud Predictions

Using the iPhone As My Only Camera The Amalgamation of Two Rising Trends

App Emails

Tweetbot’s Got Personality

Is Your Site Missing its Custom WebClip Icon?

Austin Kleon on “Farming”

Membership Update

Great Expectations


The Value of Twitter

My Growing To-Do List for Beginning April 4

Steve Offutt’s Sweet Mac Setup

Getting the Best Use Out of the iPad’s Side Switch

What Makes a Great Tech Writer

Pre-Launch iPad 2 Miscellany

So, How’s the Membership Thing Going So Far?

A Quick Way to Get Back on Focus

My iPad 2 Prediction

The Story Behind the Shawn Today Broadcast

Membership Drive and Giveaway

A Quick Update



Henri Nouwen on Writing

More on Writing (or: A Case Against Editing)

Writing vs. Writing

Ideas that Spread, Win

Supporting the Independents

Rising Early

Idea: OmniFocus Aid: A Capture Utility for the Mac

My Sister is Getting Married

More Ideas Than Time, but More Time Than Focus

That Was Fun

Blast from the Past Link Day

What’s Better Than Productivity in the Office?

Trusted Advisors

How to Pronounce “Blanc”

Verizon’s iPhone

The Mac App Store and the Increasing Simplification of OS X

The Best New Mac and iOS Software of 2010

iPhone’s Group Messaging in iOS 4

A Few Apps You May Want to Get for That New iPod or iPad of Yours

Making a Great Cup of French Press Coffee

Shawn Blanc’s 2010 Professional Gift Guide for That Nerdy, Design-Savvy, Coffee-Loving Writer in Your Life

Reeder and the Keyboard

A Charlie Brown Christmas Station

Jorge Quinteros’ Sweet Mac Setup

A Sledgehammer Called OmniFocus

Aaron Mahnke’s Sweet Mac Setup

Sponsorship Opportunities

Nicholas Felton’s Sweet Mac Setup

Announcing RSS Feed Sponsorships

Iain Broome’s Sweet Mac Setup

Briefly on OmniFocus

The Potential of MobileMe

Dave Caolo’s Sweet Mac Setup


Brett Kelly’s Sweet Mac Setup

How I Write an Article

Recipe for Banana Wonderful

Mike Rundle’s Sweet Mac Setup

Inbox Zero

Content Distribution, Metrics of Impact, and Advertising

Justin Blanton’s Sweet Mac Setup

An iPad Buyer’s Guide and Other FAQs

David Chartier’s Sweet Mac Setup

All You Need is Simplenote

Jonathan Christopher’s Sweet Mac Setup

What Most Writers Do at Their Beginnings

Keeping Mint’s Unique Referrers List Clean and Useful

An Interview with Neven Mrgan

Leo Babauta’s Sweet Mac Setup


John Carey’s Sweet Mac Setup

Phil Coffman’s Sweet Mac Setup

Regarding 1Password, Yojimbo, Things, and Apps That Do Not Sync via the Cloud

Go Gowalla

Happy Birthday, Nate

How I Order an Americano

What’s in my Back Pack

Being Awesome or Being Professional

Life at Home Without Wi-Fi

July 2nd

From Five Bars to Four, to Three, to Two, to One

A Brief Review of iOS 4

The Linked List is the Comments

Which Device for Which Task?

iPhone 4 Miscellany

My AT&T Wireless Data Usage

MarsEdit Icon Evolution

Diary of an iPad Owner

Network Speed Tests on my Three Devices

An Initial Miscellany of the iPad

Mr. Hines and the Unpublished, Unfinished Interviews

Attention, Trust, and Advertising

Purposeful Mentorship

iPhone’s Missing Feed Reader

The Typewriter and the Shotgun

First Thoughts on Dropbox After 24 Hours of Use By a Guy Who Doesn’t Need to Share Files Between Multiple Computers

Regarding Dropbox, Backups, SSDs, Remote Storage, and my MacBook Pro’s Clicking HDD

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The Self-Proclaimed Lame Mac Setup of Sean Sperte, but I Think It’s Pretty Sweet

A Job Should Also Be an Education

Reader’s Setup: Tyler Galpin

How to Disable FeedBurner From Uglifying Your Clean URLs In Order to Track Clicks as a Traffic Source in Google Analytics

Reader’s Setup: Sherród Faulks

An Amalgamation of Predictions and Questions Regarding the Apple Tablet

Jailbreak Addendum


Pastebot: A Copy and Paste Playground

Reader’s Setup: John Rust

What to Get for That Nerdy, Design-Savvy, Coffee-Loving, Snowboarding, Person in Your Life

Reader’s Setup: Adrian Hanft

Magic Mouse Miscellany

Building a New Desk Is So Much More Fun (And Inexpensive) Than Buying One

Reader’s Setup: Justin Pennington

Reader’s Setup: Stephen Hackett

Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts From My Day

Good Morning

A Pretty Good Script for Creating a Yojimbo Bookmark From Safari, With Tags, Comments, and Growl Support

Reader’s Setup: Patrick Rhone

Reader’s Setup: Grant Blakeman

The Omega Karate Student Creed

Reader’s Setup: Michael Bester

Yojimbo, and The Case for Anything Buckets

Reader’s Setup: Toby Leftly

The Software Sweet Spot

Reader’s Setup: Ryan Gonzalez

Relocating and Resizing the LaunchBar Bar

A Better One-on-One Form

Snow Leopard Miscellany

Ordinary and Uncomfortable

Reader’s Setup: Chris Bowler

USS Midway in San Diego Circa 2008

MailToYojimbo Script, With Tags Input and Growl Notification

Reader’s Setup: Josh Farmer

The Link Post

Reader’s Setup: Ian P. Hines

Testing a New Design for Link Posts in the Feed

Reader’s Setup: Adam Keys

Reader’s Setup: Jeff Nouwen

My Dock

Reader’s Setup: Jay Torres

Reader Setup: Gordon Barr

Reader Setup: Tim Van Damme

Building ‘For an iPhone, By an iPhone’

Reader Setup: Julian Schrader

Reader Setup: David Appleyard

Reader Setup: Kevin Rodgers

An Invitation for Reader’s Mac Setups

Sweet Mac Setup: Sebastiaan de With

Fever Really is That Hot

Sweet Mac Setup: Shaun Inman

Sweet Mac Setup: Jon Hicks

Sweet Mac Setup: Scott McNulty

Sweet Mac Setup: Christina Warren

The Sweet Mac Setup Series: Mark Jardine

Suggested Reading

The Ideal iPhone


A Broad Array of iPhone Keyboards

A Brief Comparison of Font and Background Colors Rendered Across Major Browsers in Mac OS X

A Shave and a Haircut

A Very Tall Header

Happy Monday

Daring Serif Style for NetNewsWire

iPhone’s Misplaced Decline Button?

Doubt is Torture

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

A Review of Two Things: One For the Mac and One For iPhone

Slight Updates

It’s No Totebag

RSS Feed Subscription Drive


Regarding Feedback


Stocking Stuffer 2.2

The iTunes Genius

Ads Powered by Fusion

My Own Archives

What Happens When You Let a Complete Stranger Hold Your iPhone

Thank You Merlin Mann

Leading an In-House Design Team

iPhone 2.0 OS Addendum

Marketing Shoes

iPhone App Store and 2.0 OS Initial Miscellany

Why Wait?

The Task Notebook

Refreshing the iPhone Tips & Tutorials Page

WWDC Predictions


Perpetual Devotion



Three Generations of Macs (Unofficially) Benchmarked

Quicksilver and Spaces

Pro Portable: A Review of the New MacBook Pro

I Bought a MacBook Pro

The Daniel Jalkut Interview

Via Thumbs

The Journey

John Gruber: A Mix of the Technical, the Artful, the Thoughtful, and the Absurd

Results From the Short Survey

SuperDuper, Time Machine, and Bulletproof Backups

A Response to An Open Letter to the Blogosphere

Interview with Cameron “i/o” Hunt

MarsEdit: Helping the Personal Publishing Revolution

Dear Readers,

Coda: The One-Window Wonder

Writing a Great Review

Behind the Scenes of

The NNW Sites Drawer

More Realigning on sbnet

Briefly on Flow and its Icon


Why We Began Blogging

5 Things to Do In Colorado While On Christmas Vacation

The Full Mint-y


Dear Readers,

NetNewsWire: Just What You Wanted

A Series of Reviews: Some of The Greatest Software Available For Your Mac

Creative Design Poverty

iPhone Christmas Wallpapers

Every Freelancer Ought to Publish a Weblog

Other Time Machine Names

Really Simple

Tours in Repose

How to Repair the Empty Keychain Passwords in Leopard

Elements of Style: My Office

Slightly on Substantive Content

Out of the States

The Preemptive Switch to Dock-on-the-Left

IKEA Galant Series

After One Week With an iPhone

My Unique iPhone Update Experience

Aqua Wallpapers for iPhone

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

The Sort of Impact I Want to Make Through Design

The Dan Pitts Interview

Why I have an un-activated iPhone sitting on my desk

The September 5th Tweets (and the Words ‘iPhone’ and ‘iPod’ Thrown Into the Title for Good Measure)

Content Please


The Brent Simmons Interview

The Glenn Wolsey Interview

Organization, Roll Top Desks, and Basketball

Blog Comments Are Like Cash

The Greg Storey Interview

The Ideal .Mac Service, or: If I Were in Charge of .Mac

Personally Reinventing the Weblog Publishing Stereotype

Apple’s New Wireless Keyboard

Post Announcement

Apple’s 08-07-07 Announcement

The “To Watch” Folder

Slimming Down my Feed Subscriptions (or RSS: Richard Simmons Style)

Freelancing 101: Attention to Detail

A Problem and A Solution: moves to MediaTemple

Freelancing 101: How to Get Hired

Freelancing 101

Random Screenshots From My Day

Be a Better Designer

How To: Fix the little legs on your PowerBook Power Supply

iPhone Tips & Tutorials: A semi-comprehensive link list

Thirty Months with a 12-inch PowerBook G4

Why Apple Will Never Make a 12-inch MacBook Pro

My Five Favorite Apps as a Multi-Mac User


The Sean Sperte Interview


Seven Weblogs too well Designed to Read via RSS

Pixelated Ecstasy and Breakneck Processors – My Mac Pro Workstation

Why Daring Fireball is Comment Free

10 Awesome Hi-Resolution Desktop Wallpapers

Thank You

Grand Opening

The Truth About Good Leaders

The Mullet

The Unfamiliar


Comments (a lack-thereof)

Hello world!