First Thoughts on Dropbox After 24 Hours of Use By a Guy Who Doesn’t Need to Share Files Between Multiple Computers

Dropbox: it’s not just for file sharing anymore. (Based on all the feedback I received through Twitter and email, this is probably not news to any of you. But maybe it is.)

Like I said yesterday regarding dropbox, I have always assumed it was mostly for use to share files between multiple computers via the Cloud. Though it is great for that, Dropbox also makes for a very, very clever real-time syncing solution.

And so two nights ago I moved two very important folders to Dropbox:

  • Currently Working On: This is the folder which holds all my current projects. Throughout my day, this is where the vast majority of new documents get put and where the most documents that I’m updating and building get saved.

    If I were to have a hard drive failure on my way home from work 95% of the non-recoverable files would exist in this folder since it is where I keep most of my current work in.

  • The Wardrobe: This folder is my desktop replacement. It’s where I toss any and all files that are temporary, or I don’t know what to do with them yet.

Combined, these two folders take up less than 1GB of storage. And keeping them in my Dropbox folder means they are now constantly backed up. Not to mention I now have free version control — so in case I accidentally overwrite that Super Important Report I’ve been working on all week, I can save the day by pulling the 2nd-most-recent version right off the Cloud and get back to work.