My Own Archives

It’s a rainy day in Kansas City, and I spent part of my afternoon drinking some coffee and reading my own archives. I thought I’d share some of the articles that I enjoyed today.

  • Personally Reinventing the Weblog Publishing Stereotype – On August 9, 2007 I posted about what was important to me as the writer of my own weblog. “I think we all need to re-discover the nobility and power of hitting that publish button.”

  • NetNewsWire: Just What You Wanted – On December 9, 2007 I posted my first epic review (whereby “epic” I mean “more than 3,000 words”). There was a new type of feel I wanted to get in my writing. I wanted to give more than just information – I wanted to tell a story that the reader could relate to. My NNW post signified a big breakthrough for my writing on this weblog, and got me into a rhythm to write a few more epic reviews.

  • John Gruber: A Mix of the Technical, the Artful, the Thoughtful, and the Absurd – Two little-known facts: (1) it took us 7 months to complete the interview, and (2) the burning question I had all along but never did ask was just how many feeds he’s subscribed to.