A Series of Reviews: Some of The Greatest Software Available For Your Mac

“In Mac OS X, you vote with your dock.”Michael Lopp

Who doesn’t love great software? I wanted to write these reviews for two reasons: (a) I love to brag on the things I use and enjoy, and (b) perhaps you’ll find something you can spend your lunch money on.

The apps I’ll be reviewing are:

  1. NetNewsWire – Arguably the best desktop feed reader on the planet.
  2. Mint – The site stats application for people who love great (and tasty) things.
  3. Transmit – Yellow Cab, Purple Box, FTP. What more could you ask for?
  4. Coda – The One-Window Wonder.
  5. MarsEdit – Helping the Personal Publishing Revolution.
  6. SuperDuper! – Hard drive backup for mere mortals.
  7. iCal – People think I actually remember all my meetings.
  8. Apple Mail – You’ve got mail!
  9. My Task Notebook – How I get things done every day. (UPDATE: Not any more.)

The first five are related to this site, and I thought it would make sense to “start here” and work my way “out”. The sixth app, SuperDuper!, is sort-of in a class of it’s own within the list, so I thought I’d put it in the middle.

The final three are free apps (heck, one isn’t even an application at all), but since I use them constantly I thought I would share a bit of how I use them.