Random Screenshots From My Day

Like most of you, I spend the majority of my day on my laptop or in my office. I thought I would catalog a few random moments from my day using screenshots. Enjoy.

8:45 AM:

Saw this add on The Big Noob front page. Pretty pathetic on Verizon’s part.

Verizon Sells the iPhone?

11:15 AM:

Deleting spam off The Fight Spot. Who would have guessed these guys are blogging now?


12:05 PM:

TFS got listed as a weblog using “Grid Based Design.” Gosh, I love the squished screenshot effect they’re using here to hightlight the grid features. It really makes the sites look great. However, I was honored to be featured next to Derek and Khoi.

The Fight Spot, Grid Based Design

12:24 PM:

Think Secret Leopard Screenshots

Leopard New Dock

1:18 PM:

MySQL database hickupped for a few minutes.


1:38 PM:

bleed.no. Wow.


4:43 PM:

Helped Anna set up her new iPod Shuffle. Named after a C.S. Lewis character, of course.

iPod Shuffle - Puddleglum

7:43 PM:

Drummed with Rizzo and Band for the Friday night service. One of the best moments in my drumming career. Seriously.

(Screenshot via Josh).

Shawn Blanc Drumming

Shawn Blanc Drumming