RSS Feed Sponsorship

An opportunity to sponsor the RSS feed is available for the week of June 25 – July 1.

**Sponsorship price:** $450

To schedule your sponsorship, or if you have any questions, please email Shawn Blanc.

#### Details

The readers of are creative, detailed, and professional. They are Mac nerds with an affinity for fine software and goods. They are tech- and design-savvy. And they’re coffee nuts who love to read, write, design, code, photograph, and podcast.

– Sponsorship is exclusive — only one sponsor per week.
– 13,000 feed subscribers.
– 175,000 monthly web page views.
– At the beginning of the week a promotional link for your product, company, or service will be posted.
– At the end of the week another link post will be published thanking the sponsor.
– During your sponsored week, a text-link ad for your product, company, or service will be placed in this site’s sidebar.