Members: The Members Journal

The Members Journal has changed. It’s now an open email newsletter called The Fight Spot.

It *was* an email newsletter meant to be sent out about once per quarter with various behind-the-scenes stories and other things which never made it on to the site. However, it never gained traction.

Now the members journal is something different.

For one, it’s no longer member-exclusive. It’s now called [The Fight Spot ]( and is available to anyone who wishes to sign up.

The Fight Spot is a weekly newsletter of links, stories, and articles about creativity, focus, risk, and the internet. Some of what will be in the newsletter will also be published here to and some of it won’t.

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Becoming a member does not automatically add you to the The Fight Spot — it’s an opt-in-only newsletter.

To sign up, please enter your email address below. If you’re already on The Fight Spot list, no need to sign up here.