**During the month of January 2016, I published several articles and podcasts all related to the theme of Margin.**

Here you’ll find a central repository, updated with links to each article and podcast as they are published.

I’ve also posted a free video presentation, which you can get below.

### What is Margin?

**Margin is breathing room.** It’s the opposite of overload.

Having breathing room in your schedule, finances, emotional energy, and mental energy is paramount. When you’re at capacity, there is no room for anything else. But when there is space left over — when there is margin — that space enables you to breath.

Margin enables you to do your best creative work. Margin enabled intentional living. Margin helps with stress and anxiety.

Free Video Presentation


I’ve put together a spiffy video presentation giving an overview of what Margin is, why it’s so valuable, some quick wins for how to regain Margin in your life, and what I do to help maintain Margin in my own life.

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To get the free video presentation on Margin (40 minutes, with accompanying slide deck and downloadable video and audio files), just punch in your email below and I’ll send it to you straight away.

#### Additional Resources on Margin

Here’s a running list of all the articles, podcasts, and resources we are posting for Margin Month.

* [Introduction to Margin: Part 1](
* [Introduction to Margin: Part 2](
* [How Margin Enables Intentional Living](
* [On Dialing Down, Saying “No”, and Making Time](
* [Why margin helps you hustle and focus (do more in less time)]( (A Shawn Today podcast episode, available to [members]( only)
* [How to restore margin in your schedule and give your day some breathing room](
* [Margin in your finances]( (A Shawn Today podcast episode, available to [members]( only)
* [Regaining mental and creative energy](
* [Less Thinking, More Doing]( — Podcast interview with Corbett Barr
* [Why Margin is Important for Doing Your Best Creative Work](
* [Deep Work and Focus]( — Podcast Interview with Cal Newport
* [Balancing family life and creative entrepreneurship]( — Podcast Interview with Havilah Cunnington