Learn the Foundations of Meaningful Productivity

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It’s 9am. You’re sitting down at your desk. You set the coffee down, just next to your keyboard, and as your computer screen lights up you stretch your arms and crack your knuckles. You, my friend, are ready to do something awesome today.

Anticipating the day, you pick up your coffee and take a sip.

Your first activity will be to decide what it is you’re going to do first.

### Wait… What?

If you’re waiting until it’s time to begin work before you’ve made a choice about what to work on, then you’re already losing.

### Showing Up Isn’t Enough

Though showing up is definitely half the battle, the other half is actually doing something that matters.

Now, we’ve all got a task list longer than our right arm, but do you know how many of the things are there are truly valuable?

That’s the plight of the knowledge worker — the work never feels “done”. It’s like some sort of bizzaro assembly line of non-stop to-do items and urgent issues. It’s downright tyrannical to say the least.

And the next thing you know it’s the end of the day and you realize that you haven’t gotten a single important thing done. In fact, you’re not even sure *what* you did at all.

### It’s not about email

Productivity tends to be defined by how well we use our task management systems, how organized our calendar app is, how fast we can blaze through a pile of emails, and how fluidly we flow from one meeting to the next.

But those metrics can skew toward rewarding effective busywork while giving little dignity to **meaningful work.**

What if we started defining productivity differently?

What if you put less emphasis on the ability to balancing many plates at once?

And instead put more emphasis on consistently giving your time and attention to the things which are most important?

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