Good Enough or Truly Great?

There are many areas of our life where being good enough is good enough. But for some special areas, why not strive for greatness?

It takes significant effort to move something from good to great. But, for those important few things in life, that effort is worth it.

  • Do you want a “good” marriage or a “great” one?
  • Do you want to be in “good” shape or “great” shape?
  • Do you want a good body of work from your career or a great one?
  • Do you want to be mentally and emotionally fine, or do you want to be at your best?

What areas of your life do you want to be truly great?

Focus on those, and happily allow the other areas to be good enough.

Good Enough or Truly Great?

Do you need a Stop Doing List?

If you’re feeling like you’re not making meaningful progress toward a goal, or if your day is just filled with more distractions that it should be, then perhaps you need a “Stop Doing” list.

What is getting in your way from the results you want?

If it’s things within your control, can you stop doing them?

Some examples:

  • Stop unlocking my iPhone before 8:30 am.
  • Stop bringing my iPhone into the office.
  • Stop checking my email when I’m bored.
  • Stop eating snacks after 7:30 pm.
  • Stop checking social media before lunchtime.
  • Stop spending money on such-and-such category.
  • Stop … ?

What would you put onto your stop doing list? Message me on Twitter at @shawnblanc

Do you need a Stop Doing List?

I am absolutely loving this new book by Jenny Blake. It’s a time management and systems book for small business owners.

I’m sure that one reason I love this book so much because a lot of what Jenny talks about (aligning your time with your values, building systems, delegating, etc.) is very similar to the stuff I teach inside the Focus Course and our membership community. And so the whole foundation of Free Time feels right in alignment.

But really, Jenny is a fantastic writer! She seamlessly weaves between interesting stories and brilliant practical advice. She has her own unique spin and approach on things that is articulate and brilliant. Reading about these ideas from Jenny’s perspective has been eye opening for me. Highly recommended!

Free Time by Jenny Blake

If you’re working toward a desired outcome, but aren’t seeing any progress or results yet, here’s why:

  1. It’s too early
  2. You’re doing the wrong action
  3. You’re not actually doing what you say or think you are

If 1: then it’s a matter of patience. Don’t quit.

If 2: then it’s a matter of strategy. Try something new and measure your results.

If 3: then it’s a matter of focus. Track your actions and don’t give in to distractions.

Three reasons you’re not seeing results (yet)