An excellent comparison by Ben Hardy on the differences in our actions when we see things as costs compared to investments.

When I first came across this video, I was instantly able to apply it to two difficult decisions I was faced with: one for my neighborhood HOA and another for my business.

In those situations, when I was able to look at taking actions as investments in my desired outcomes, then the path forward became much more obvious.

Rich vs Poor mindset

Crema is different than any other “ship to your door” coffee roaster out there that I know of. You choose any coffees that you want from their slew of roasters. Your bag is then roasted-to-order and shipped to you in the mail. I also love that you can set your delivery timeframe down to as short as 3 days. My two favorite roasters on Crema are Onyx and Ruby.

(If you use this link that I have as a Crema customer myself, you’ll save $5 each of your first 4 orders.)

The Netflix of Coffee