Long-time readers will know that for years and years I’ve used a hybrid approach to managing my tasks and time. I use both Things on my iPad and also a Baron Fig notebook.

But a few weeks ago I wondered how it would be if I went fully digital.

And then, of course, I wrote about it.

Over on The Sweet Setup you can get a look at how I’ve been experimenting with the GoodNotes app on my iPad and using some custom templates to plan out my weeks and days.

Using Custom GoodNotes Templates for Productivity and to Plan My Life

A Few Photos from The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

The live podcast events at WWDC are turning into the main events, second only to the keynote. I was just barely able to get tickets to the Talk Show, and I only managed to do so by setting an alarm on my phone for a few minutes before they were scheduled to go on sale, and then furiously refreshing the web page.

But it’s worth it. This year’s The Talk Show Live show was fantasic.

I’ve been to nearly every live Talk Show. And, aside from the year when Phil Schiller showed up completely unexpected, I thought this year’s show was definitely best. John’s interview with Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak was just excellent — both insightful and entertaining.

The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

These photos were taken with the Leica Q and edited in Lightroom CC on my iPad Pro.

A Few Photos from The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2019

For me, the most important and exciting announcement at WWDC was iPadOS.

I spent most of this week writing notes, jotting down half-formed ideas, and trying to distill why iPadOS is such a big deal.

Then, on my flight back home, I finalized my thoughts and published them in an article on the future of working on an iPad.

Hope you enjoy. (And might I suggest brewing a fresh cup of coffee and sitting down to read it.)

iPadOS: My Initial Thoughts

Photos from WWDC Trip, Day 0

Yesterday, Sunday, I flew in to California for WWDC. Here are a few photos from my first day at WWDC 2019.

Even though the conference is in San Jose, I first flew into San Fransisco to meet with a friend for dinner.

At my layover in Las Vegas.

My WWDC travel bag. (Read here for more details.)

Outside Marlowe restaurant in Soma.

After dinner in San Fransisco, I hopped the Cal Train to San Jose and got in just in time to meet up with a bunch of other Apple nerds…

Stephen Hackett and me. (Photo by Mike Hurley.)

With Federico Viticci and “Underscore” David Smith. (Photo by Mike Hurley.)

Myke Hurley.

Side note… I forgot my iPad’s SD Card reader! And, to top it all off, there’s a bug with the Leica Q app on my iPad that is keeping me from being able to import photos.

So let’s just say my photography workflow this trip is a bit convoluted. Here’s what it looks like…

I am using the Leica Q app to connect the camera to my iPhone via the camera’s built-in WiFi. Then I transfer the JPG files over to my iPHone. And then I transfer them via AirDrop to my iPad where I can edit them.

Normally, I’d just plug in the SD card reader dongle and transfer the RAW files directly to my iPad. Ah well.

Photos from WWDC Trip, Day 0