Since we’re in the height of Pomegranate season here in the Northern Hemisphere, here is the last video of the day. If you like pomegranate (who doesn’t?), this video just might change your life. My sister sent this to me because whenever she and my brother-in-law come over for dinner I put her in charge of what used to be the arduous task of cutting open the pomegranate and getting the seeds out for everyone.

(And hey, as a bonus, if you like Garlic (again, who doesn’t?) then here’s a similarly life-changing video on how to peel a head of garlic in less than 10 seconds.)

How to Cut Open a Pomegranate

This video by Michael Marantz, Jared Levy, and Jason Oppliger is fascinating and beautiful. With both timelapse and still-motion photos they talk about what it was like in lower Manhattan during the power outage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

“It’s a different city when the lights are out.”

NYC Dark

There are a handful of YouTube videos I’ve been meaning to link to but just haven’t yet — they’ve been collecting dust in the Link Attic. Well, Friday seems like a great day to share them, so here’s the first one.

Now, instead of saving the best for last, I’m kicking off “YouTube Friday” with what is one of my favorite YouTube clips of all time. I can’t say what it is about this ironing video that I love so much, but it’s just awesome. Maybe it’s the meticulousness and skill with which the man irons that shirt, or maybe it’s the neat-freak in me loving to see that wrinkly shirt get ironed out, or maybe it’s because this gives me hope that I don’t always have to suck at ironing.

Who knew that ironing could be a craft? It makes me wonder how many shirts this man has ironed. Would he even tolerate the cheap Black & Decker iron and squeaky ironing table that are hiding in my closet feeling very insecure and inadequate?

Just A Man Ironing A Shirt