What to Get for That Nerdy, Design-Savvy, Coffee-Loving, Snowboarding, Person in Your Life

Nerds are hard to shop for. We know precisely what we want, but we’re curiously passive about letting you know. Instead, we want you to know what we want without us having to say anything. Furthermore, the trick to being a great gift giver is to get someone the thing that they didn’t even know they wanted until they open it. Therefore, you’ll find below a list of gadgets, trinkets, and power tools.1

Except for that iPhone dock you see below, and the classic thermos, I own and use everything on this list. Each of these are great gifts, and I’d be proud to give any one of them to my other nerdy, design-savvy, coffee-loving, snowboarding friends or family members.


Nerdy Stuff

  1. Wooden Log iPhone Docking Station: $68

  2. Twelve South BookArc: $50

  3. Star Trek (2009 DVD): $21

  4. Media Temple Web Hosting: $100



  1. Pilot 0.40mm Gel Pen: $16 / dozen

  2. Levenger Circa Notebooks

  3. 1-Year Subscription to HOW Magazine: $30

  4. Field Notes Colors Subscription: $129

  5. Gotham Typeface: $199



  1. Chemex Coffee Maker and Filters: $50

  2. A few pounds of Peets: $15

  3. Stanley Classic Thermos: $34

  4. Breville Conical Burr Grinder: $100



  1. Ride Concept Snowboard: $750

  2. Burton Lifeline Snowboard Mitt in Mocha: $80

  3. Spy: Zoe Black Gloss Sunglasses: $140

Miscellaneous Stocking Stuffers

Miscellaneous Stocking Stuffers

  1. The Little Red Writing Book: $10

  2. J Crew Magic Wallet: $22

  3. Dewalt Heavy-Duty Compound Miter Saw: $210

  4. J Crew Argyle Socks: $15

  5. Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations: $32

  6. Ticket to Ride: $38

  7. WoodWick Candle: $15

  1. This list may also come in handy if you end up getting one of those Snuggie blankets with sleeves and after you’ve returned it don’t know where to spend the money.
What to Get for That Nerdy, Design-Savvy, Coffee-Loving, Snowboarding, Person in Your Life