Post Announcement

The rumors were true. A shiny new iMac. A thin new keyboard. iLife ’08 and iWork ’08, and uh, .Mac too.

Unfortunately .Mac barely got any attention. Although upgrading the storage is a great start, it’s hardly a refresh. (UPDATE: Looks like .Mac has server side junk mail filtering now. Sounds like a setup for the iPhone.) The current state of .Mac is very bizarre to me. There is so much potential with .Mac that is barely being tapped. Hopefully we will see some much stronger features released when Leopard comes out, as was hinted at the MacWorld Keynote earlier this year.

iWork on the other hand, has gotten some very impressive upgrades. I’ll be going to the Apple store probably later this week to play with the new iMacs and keyboards as well as purchase a new copy of iWork.

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